Jj maybank x reader fight . May 17, 2020 · Word count: ~500. . I will get to those of you that have requested stories. 4k. . “Like I said, best lines in the show, man. summary: baking batches of cookies is a challenge when your clingy boyfriend shows up pairing: jj maybank x fem!reader word count: 1. . summary: a year or two after john b and sarahs disappearance, jj finds your box of letters that you wrote to him. 1. As she walked through the yard, she spotted the red hat that JJ always wore. When I Come Around (JJ Maybank x Reader) anon request: “hi!! i loveddd ‘uncertainty’ it was so good 梁. jj maybank x reader. Rudy comforts you after your boyfriend cheats on you. He is feisty and quick-tempered but also. When I Come Around (JJ Maybank x Reader) anon request: “hi!! i loveddd ‘uncertainty’ it was so good 梁. 9k join my taglist here. Pairings: JJ Maybank x reader. Break My Heart (JJ Maybank x Reader) Fanfiction Chapter 5“You’re John B’s cousin, your father sent you to Outer Banks to keep an eye on his nephew or at least that what everyone believes. The two of you got into a fight about JJ being too wreckless. Masterlist. " You find yourself moving a little closer, though you can't get much closer than you already are without flinging your leg over his hips, and you don't want to push your limits by doing that. You couldn’t believe it. Paradise on earth (12) Chapter: 12. Temper Temper - Y/n and JJs relationship goes to far for her, especially with her past. “take a nap then. i am so sorry and im gonna try writing more. . And fuck, up close, JJ’s eyes are so, so blue. . Deviation Actions. . May 14, 2020 · Anxiety- JJ x Reader. After a fight with some of the other kooks, you let slip a little about your home life to one JJ Maybank, who is more than intrigued. . Pilot. Summary: Y/N finally comes to terms with her toxic relationship with JJ. storm. pairing: jj maybank x reader. maybankgf. summary: jj has a bad day and he just wants to be with you. Routledge; Pope Heyward; Kiara "Kie" Carrera; Sarah Cameron; Cleo (Outer Banks). k. You couldn’t think of a single thing that if you begged JJ enough, he wouldn’t eventually cave to. Add to Favourites. I open it to reveal Sherrif Peterson. That's when Laughing JJ jumped up, “I know someone!”. ” jj looked down at you while your head laid on his chest. " Word Count: 10. jj maybank x reader. Aliquam nisi lorem, pulvinar id, commodo feugiat, vehicula. You had came to his house in the middle of the night. Temper Temper - Y/n and JJs relationship goes to far for her, especially with her past. Word count: 2. .
also i was thinking like two lines from a prompt list, “how can we fix this” and. . ” he mumbles. When I Come Around (JJ Maybank x Reader) anon request: “hi!! i loveddd ‘uncertainty’ it was so good 梁. Summary: “I was the girl he didn’t want, so I became the girl he couldn’t have” I was inspired by the tiktok videos that always appear on my fyp, it seemed like a great idea. Teen Wolf. warnings: swearing, mentions of anxiety and depression, angst, a lil bit of fluff. . 172,351 172K. warnings: angst, cursing, mentions of abuse, sad jj, fluffy ending (ofc). . Originally posted by toesure. . A/N: new part!!! feedback is always appreciated and please let me know if you’d like to be tagged. . Rudy Pankow (JJ Maybank) Imagines (x reader): You and Rudy play the Maybank siblings on the Outer Banks and are good friends off set. warnings: lots of talk about death and being sad and stuff, a single (probably unnecessary) swear word, pretty angsty, not edited, spoilers. Pair: JJ Maybank x Routledge! Reader. Her head was never there. The five of you made your way out to the water, perching yourselves along the wooden structure. Originally posted by. word count: 4171. Chapter 5: The Kegger. READY TO RUN (iii) THREE - CRESCENDO. . ⚠️: angst, sad, abuse. Originally posted by. Pairings: JJ Maybank x reader. + "They're blocking the bathrooms" Pope said "Come here i know where" Jj whispered + "No dont leave" i whine. . . And it wasn't like her parents were around much. Read Fight from the story Jj Maybank imagines by imstaceyherron (Stacey🦋) with 23,356 reads. . Word count: 968 Summary: JJ meeting your kook parents for the first time A/N: this came to me when i was on the shitter and i wrote it in 2 hours lol :) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Aim high is what your dad always said. .

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